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Growing up in Northern Virginia, which is very diverse I have had my personal experience with racism and prejudice. I have been stopped randomly by the police because of reports of a suspicious black male. My opinion on racism is that it is morally wrong.  In My 18 years of life I have never been able to understand how another human can be deemed unfit to complete a task or be offered assistance or education because of their race. I still do not understand how another human can degrade, punish and abuse another based on things that are out of our control such as race. I believe that everyone is equal and should be treated as such. We as people should all come together love one another and spread opportunity instead of hate. It is very astonishing how animals can seem to get along better then humans.  Maybe the reason for human division is because we have the ability to think about our fears while animals just have natural instinct.

Nobody on this earth is better than the next because there is lighter or darker. Skin color should be irrelevant. I think the only way a persons should be judged should be by their character and how they treat others. People should be not have to fear the police, or authority figures because of the fear of being targeted. I don’t believe that it is too late for peace in humanity to be restored. I believe that with hard work and determination we as humans can be rid of the evil . Innocent lives are being impacted by hate, racism, religion , greed, etc. It is time that love and positivity are spread amongst one another. I believe that it is the duty of everyone to first love one another and spread peace, for more information regarding ways to spread peace and love click the link below.

Ultimately I believe that we have to feel love to show love.  In other words we have a responsibility to be a caring society.  Respect and love is contagious and more natural to human happiness while hate and prejudice is taught within a social context.  We see this in global history and we see this in our own families. A caring society begins with a society that seeks justice and equality of opportunity.  Since none of us are perfect and human nature has uncontrollable flaws then all human justice must have an element of caring that is known as mercy.  Justice comes in different forms; some examples include restorative justice, procedural justice, distributive justice.  I think inequality and the stress of the human struggle begins when people struggle to meet their basic economic needs while others flaunt their wealth.