Hunger: Making of an Interview with a Leader of the Capital Area Food Bank

Hunger:  Making of an Interview with a Leader of the Capital Area Food Bank


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Last week we interviewed Ms. Vergaretti, the Director of the Northern Virginia Region for the Capital Area Food Bank. ( ) I helped put up the lights and set up the cameras. My participation as part of the crew was contributing to help make things work out and flow the best way possible. We made sure the cameras angles worked with body placement and the lights don’t bother Ms. Vergaretti and the interviewers. This interview went well,  but I believe we can add more to it by doing a follow up tour of the warehouse where Ms. Vergaretti and her staff prepare the food. Hopefully we are able to do this tour not too far from when the interview is discussed in our school wide viewpoints groups. 

The goal is to inform the school community so we can contribute to the growing issue of hunger in Fairfax County. In order to help we need to get involved and learn of those who are suffering from hunger in our own neighborhoods. If we can lend a hand and support our neighbors then we will be more motivated to help ourselves as well.  It is important to start with the people and places we know.

 Ms. Vergaretti not only helps to supply food for the needy but also helps people learn how to grow vegetables on a budget. She really wants to get the youth involved because she believes that we are the future.  We should focus on what issues we may face now instead of waiting until they come across us. One of the things Ms. Vergaretti said I liked was her response to the question,   “If Fairfax county is one of the wealthiest counties in the United States why do we still face hunger?”  She responded by saying our neighbors may be wealthy but we may not be.  I relate because my next-door neighbor has a four year old house and it is  beautiful and they have a well paying job, and we live next door in a small white one level home.  Sometimes we struggle to make ends meet.

It is important to have a bigger perspective.  Sometimes we think we are the only ones who need help and we forget that we can help ourselves by helping others.


See the entire interview on the “Hunger In Our Midst” section of The Mountain View Mirror.