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In the book “I AM THE MESSENGER” by Markus Zusak is a very adventurous and fun book. This book has a lot of meaning and messages to catch throughout reading this book one message I learned was its not about the journey you take it’s about what you learn throughout the journey.

I liked this book a lot because it’s not like many other books its very interesting and thrilling from the beginning to end, the beginning of the books starts off with a bank robbery making the book have an awesome start. I also found the main character Ed’s friends was really cool because he goes through a lot with them even having to find out their conflicts throughout the book and his 2nd to last message that is done. Ed is a very laid back non-wealthy guy but makes the most of what he has got especially the cards or messages he had gotten and has to complete. After all the messages he goes through Ed learns a lot through them even when he gets hurt it all has a good reasoning behind it. I love how the book ends too keeping you curious about whom really the messenger is and that is the author and how Ed ends up being with his love Audrey in the end.

The book gets the message across to the reader that you can do much more than you thought in life. Even though Ed is a little bit less than an average human being that just doesn’t have as much money and things as other people he gets what he needs to get done and learns a lot from it too through the messages or missions. Another message the book gets across is that throughout a long journey the main point isn’t the getting to the end it’s also important to remember what you learn throughout the journey that is the main message I felt from reading this book.

There are many books that I have read that try to get a message across to me after reading, but after reading this book the hard message of learning things throughout a journey is very important and also I feel as if I can do a lot and change things and other people lives as long as you try hard like Ed.