Immigrant Rights are Human Rights



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Immigrants are leaving their home country for many reasons; violence, no money, no jobs.

My family all came here so they could have a better future, and a better job so they could help their families in Central America. My family is from Honduras. My parents came here about 20 years ago searching for a better place to live. Immigrants have nearly quadrupled here in the United States. Immigrants are coming here leaving where they grew up in hopes to find a better country, to have a family, a house etc., Their is nothing wrong with them coming here and actually working hard. If you are coming here to be in step with drug dealers and criminals then that opportunity should be denied. Many people are against us the Hispanics, but they don’t realize how hard most immigrants work and the sacrifice they make to come to this land of opportunity.

There are immigrants from all over the world.  In D.C over recent years there has been a 14%  increase in the immigrant population. Kids from ages 15 and under come to this country especially too have a better education.  Sadly in Central America it is very difficult for parents to purchase everything for those who want to go to school. Parents sometimes don’t have enough money to send their kids to school. In Central America it is expensive for kids to go to school, their aren’t many public school like here in the United States. When I went too visit Honduras two years ago, I thought to myself how lucky I was to get an education and be able to have been born here, and actually have a school that cares about my education.

There are certain republicans candidates that are speaking against immigrants. Donald trump  will lose votes with us Hispanics citizens because no Hispanic would like Donald to build a wall in the border and for our families to be deported.