immigrants are not illegal.

immigrants are not illegal.


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Donald trump has a new obsession. It is called “Chain Migration” It wants to end with the immigrants who once legalized, bring their families to live with them in the United States.   – NY Times Opinion

Republican Donald Trump won the elections as president for United States. President Donald Trump has the purpose of deporting many undocumented immigrants. In his first press conference, Donald Trump plans to finish with all the emigrants. Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the border of Mexico and the United States and thus be able to stop with the issue of immigration.

Words matter.  Each one expresses what each one thinks and where it comes from; They talk about their prejudices, fears and ambitions. Therefore, calling it “Illegal” is an error. Who uses the word “Illegal” uses it to define more than 11 million people without documents. They do not know that the immigration issue is something personal for all of us; half of undocumented people are born outside the United States. 

Most Latinos consider the word “illegal” an insult. It is true that the undocumented violated the law. They did it when entering without documents by the border or to stay in the United States beyond the due thing by their visas. But the undocumented people are not illegal.


Why not call them citizens? To those hardworking people who left their country to look for a better future. Those who died in the desert in search of the American dream. These people do not have to call them illegal. This is an issue that goes beyond the anti-immigrant policies that are fashionable in the United States. Calling someone “illegal” is meant to make the difference between them. But that goes against the spirit of what it is to be American. Millions of undocumented people contribute to the economy, culture and welfare of the United States. 

At the end of all, I am convinced that the United States will do the right thing and legalize millions of undocumented people. To change everything you have to start by naming them differently. We have to change the language first and then change to a reality. The first step to make it a reality is not to use the word illegal to identify the undocumented. In the United States, we have the right and duty to be a legal person.