Immigration in the U.S



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Why do people immigrate and how should we react ?

Years are passing by and the immigrant population is increasing each year. We can see that between 2010 to 2013 the immigrant population in America increased to 41.3 million. This is quadruple of the amount of immigrants of 1970. U.S.A gets immigrants from all over the world. Many recent immigrants are Hispanics. One of the locations that has a big percentage of immigrant growth  is  the D.C area with 14% over the three years. American culture is based upon welcoming and educating the newest immigrant population.  Doing this only makes us stronger as a world democratic power.

In a democracy education is important for every single person. Some immigrants come to America with one dream; the dream to become a better person. Today one in five students in the United States speaks a language other than English. The United States has the biggest percentage of immigrant students. Other countries like Chile, Spain, Sweden, and Ireland have a 5% of nonnative student. On the other hand, United States has a 15 % to a 30%. In some areas of Europe the population of immigration is growing by the day because of crises in the middle east.

The schools in United States have a better system of education unlike the schools in Latin American countries. I know this because I am an immigrant in this country. I went to 1st to 8th grade in El Salvador and this was hard. The transportation is not free, some people have to walk more than one hour to get to school because the economics in El Salvador is not good. In El Salvador we don’t have public libraries, some people don’t even have the internet access and everything is by hand. When I came here I saw a huge difference in how everything is so much easier in the way that  you have more resources. I don’t see people walking more than one hour to come to school the transportation is free. We also can borrow books from the libraries for free. Having internet access is one of the biggest freedoms that I have gained in my education. These are just some of the examples that I can describe but there are many more. Reasons like these are the reasons that  make people look forward to immigrating to other countries for a better future. I was lucky that I didn’t have to come to this countries illegally. I had the help from my family. When they told me that I was going to leave my country, I was more excited than sad because I knew that a great future was coming to my life.