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immiThe United States was made by immigrants. As the United States grew so did the number of immigrants. Immigrants are always looking for better opportunities to make more money or to just have a better future. The United States has always been a home for people from different countries around the world.

We the people are an IMMIGRATION NATION.

Immigration interests me because I can relate to the people that are suffering to improve their lives.  I was pushed from El Salvador because of the violent gang situation; it wasn’t that good. I was pulled to the US to have a better future, learn the language and find a career.



For more information on the history of American immigration click here:

Below are some Questions about immigrants in the US.

  1. Is it possible to stop immigration?

We can’t stop immigration because people won’t give up too easily. Even if we try to stop, they still will come to the USA because they just want a better future for their children or even themselves. We can’t do much to stop it but we can put more security on the borders and at the airport to make the process safe.

Who were the first immigrants?

The first immigrants were English investors in Virginia and the puritan pilgrims of Massachusetts as they arrived for opportunity and freedom.

Why do people migrate to others country?

People migrate because the situation is not that good or the economy is bad or people get killed too often so they prefer to start a new life with their family and keep working hard in another part of the world.

How have the places where immigrants come from changed over time?

In the beginning of United States history most immigrants came England, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, and France.  Later many came from Spain, Portugal, Italy Greece, Poland, Russia, and Asia.  Today most come from Asia and Latin America.

Where are immigrants coming from in The United States today?

The United States is home to millions of immigrants from Central American countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panamá.  Many immigrants also come from Asia and Europe.

Is the number of immigrants in the United States growing?

Yes, today immigrants make up about 15% of the US population.

What is nativism in American History?

Nativism is the word used to describe times in American history when citizens of the United States are against new immigrants.  See more information on the history of nativism HERE.

How did the first waves of immigrants treat the original natives in America?

At first they tried to do business but mostly they just used them and pushed them out of the way.

Can you name some famous immigrants over time in american history?

Ten Immigrants that have Changed America, and the World!


Recent statistics on “illegal” immigrants in the United States:

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This is the amount of immigrants that come to the US




                                                                                  Most of the immigrants are from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador  and most of them live in Inimmigratyion the USA because of the situation of their countries that is so much crime people get killed, gangs and most of them run away from the crime so like 50 % of the people migrates to the US and  most of them live in VA, California , and some of them are making improvement by getting a nice job others they just don’t do anything they just come to US to do  vandalism, but I really hope that they can change their minds and make a better world. because every year the number of immigrants increase extremely high.









in this link below it shows the old immigrants and the new immigrants it show you the ways how they migrate to the US and how people suffer





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