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On January 1st 1892 the first Elllis Island Immigration Station was officially opened.

The earliest Europeans to the 13 colonies were British immigrants, but they were soon joined by Scots and Irish, Germans and French. In New York, a colony of Dutch settlers appeared; Swedish immigrants set up home in Delaware. Small numbers of Spanish immigrants moved into the lands which later became New Mexico, Arizona and California.

In 1907 it was the peak year at Ellis Island with 1.004,765 immigrants received. The all time-daily high was on April 17th of this year when a total of 11,474 immigrants were processed.  By the turn of the century more Europeans from Eastern and Southern Europe began to arrive.

United States Immigration Station
In 1905, construction of an Immigration Station began in the area known as China Cove in San Francisco California. The facility, primarily a detention center, was designed to control the flow of Chinese into the country, since they were officially not welcomed with the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. The Act was the result of fear that Chinese workers would take the jobs of non-Chinese, especially in the western states. There were other efforts to discriminate against the Chinese and these attitudes and laws did not change until World War II.

If you were an immigrant during this time which Station would you arrive at and why?

I would most likely come from Ellis Island because my family is from Morocco, Africa. Most of us arent 100% Native American therefore we came from somewhere.