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  • oceanmtnskyFeb 4, 2015 at 9:45 am

    Wow. This really is a winter soundtrack. I love the imagery and the cool sound composition.

    “The more you look the less you see so close your eyes and start to breathe…I just cant find the strength to hold you up”

    This makes me think of the need to focus our strength and attention on what is most important. So often we stumble through our day distracted and without focus as we react to all the electronic voices that want us to “hold them up” on our cell phones. “The more we look” and just react to others “the less we see”. Our strength for ourselves and others is in finding our own focused voice “start to breathe”…give yourself the room to breathe and focus on the task of the moment. I am motivated to focus my thought and action and persevere on the trail…it is a trail for timber wolves- family, love, respect!

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