The Industrial Revolution and how we have to deal wit it now.



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Think about what a world without fossil fuels. No coal, no natural gas, no oil….no electricity.  You can’t because these are necessary in the global economy these days. We are already 16 years into this century. We have enough time for enormous transformation and progress, but we should awaken to this problem since we pollute the earth so much.

The Industrial Revolution was a change to a new manufacturing processes that started from about 1820- 1840 and continues today. This Revolution is a major turning point in history. When this revolution began, every aspect of daily life was affected and the pace of change became rapid. Income and population grew at a high rate. The general population began to multiply in one lifetime for the first time in history. Coal, known as a common fossil fuel was the base of most cities’ power. Fuels were changed to energy and energy was a demand to increase production and make life easier.

The Supreme Court temporarily blocked Obama’s administration’s rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. They stalled its implementation when every moment really matters for our global goal, a zero-greenhouse-gas-emission future. In December 2015, 200 countries agreed to a U.N. plan to keep global warming 2 degrees from rising, which is a temperature increase since the Industrial Revolution.

The world has to get to zero net carbon emissions by 2050. China and the United States are the 2 biggest polluters so we are the first target to change . The Clean Power Plan should be a priority in international goals.

There is hope because the shift away from coal is happening regardless of policies like the Clean Power Plan. Roughly more than 2 dozen oil companies declared bankruptcy in the last 2 years because of existing clean-air regulations, but mostly because of the cheap price of natural gas. There is now a trend moving away from coal and toward cleaner energy. We must act as quickly as possible. The Clean Power Plan helps America avoid bad climate change, supports clean energy and promotes public health. If we don’t act now then we will have an rude awakening.

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