influences of food in France and the United states

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Eating at home reduces your exposure to toxic ‘forever chemicals’

Mountain View goverment students, and french students from Colbert secondary, have a goal to make a connection between the UN Global Goals and understanding  food habits.Understanding France and U.S Food, tradition and culture can help us learn and reflect upon how important Food is to our environment and life. We can connect to shared plates and learn more about discovering the world itself. Implying these foods to our life determine our future and health.By 2030, end hunger and ensure access by all people, in particular the poor and people in vulnerable situations, including infants,  safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year round. I personally picked this topic because I have a little background knowledge on the topic itself.

 For my investigation of France I noticed that there were many fast food restaurants mentioned. There were a few comments from our french friends that commented what they ate for Thanksgiving with their family. For example someone said Turkey a traditional American food to have for Thanksgiving. While I was doing research I was looking up on how we could make delicious food more healthy at home. We all know that fast food is not healthy with the exceed amount of oil added to the food . 

like burgers, fries sandwiches etc. I came to an article and I came along to this following sentence . “Research suggests those quickly-delivered burgers could contain some pretty long-lasting chemicals.” To respond to that I think that’s very true .Those burgers your parents cook on cookout are way more healthy than restaurant , this is because your parents pre-make them and are freshly made. The ones in the restaurant are frozen and probably add some type of chemical for it to last long in the freezer. I’m not sure though, I wouldn’t say im an expert . 

A study released Wednesday by the Silent Spring Institute found that eating out, especially at fast food and pizza chains, corresponded with higher bodily levels of PFAS — also called “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down under normal environmental conditions — than eating at home.” Homemade food have the healthy amount of ingredients to produce it in your digestive system. Probably the restaurant food takes weeks or maybe months for your body to be able to clean it out. Plus I’m sure you want to eat a food that 100%  clean and a better safe than sorry is at home. It’s always fun to cook by yourself or with a grown up. That’s why I wanted to make you guys aware of this article just for cool information.

It’s always important anyways to cook home traditional plates. Sometimes it’s not always good being influenced by other countries’ food. Take pride in your original cultures food , you’re unique and that is part of it. Fast food are influenced by the U.S , all the greacy calories aren’t good for your body .

In conclusion based on the article , experts suggest you cook more at home , then waste your money on greasy food. It’s nice to reserve your culture and be proud of who you are, you can demonstrate this by making a favorite dish . it’s healthy for your, you won’t get sick and it’s made by you.  a good way to get to know someone is to go to their house and try a home cook meal of their own. imagine if the two sides who argued on socialmedia and has to eat a t a table dinner , there conversation will be much different in person. thats what different leaders due for example like state dinners they share ideas and it breaks down their barries and builds trust.