Information Hacking Laws and Technology are Needed



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“Health Care” = We all give our information and trust to our doctors… But is our information safe with them?

Just last week, Premera Blue Cross was attacked by hackers, and broke into its system and may have accessed into the financial and medical records of some 11 million people. This is the second time hackers got into a large health insurance  system.  A few weeks earlier, another health insurer, Anthem Inc. was also involved in another attack and nearly 80 million citizens records were exposed.

The US Government is not giving us the value of Promise-Keeping, because we’re not safe with sharing our personal information with the doctors. As hackers get smarter every day that passes by, they create more facilities that makes their job easier. The Government is not protecting our Property.  If our information gets exposed then hackers can use our information to damage our property and personal security. Trust is involved because we’re trusting these professionals with our Life but lately it seems like the Government is not doing its job right in protecting the public trust.  The Government needs to invest more in counter hacking technology and laws.