Innocent Until Proof – The Case of O.J. Simpson


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More than 20 years ago a crime took place that touches the issues we still cannot agree on today: race, money, fame and domestic violence. The O.J. Simpson murder trial became a television first reality show. The case consumed and divided people, even now twenty years later people are still fascinated.

It was  a cool late spring evening in Brentwood, California. Around midnight a couple was walking a dog down a quiet section of South Bandy Drive when something strange caught their attention. Then at the entrance to a residence 75feet away they saw a body in a river of blood. Police arrived and discovered a 2nd victim.  The second body was the 35 year old ex-wife of O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson. Near the body they found bloody leather gloves, an envelope and glasses. The cops investigated the envelope however they didn’t know much about it. Inside the house were the Simpsons two kids. They were taken to the nearest police station because their father was allegedly out of state for vacation.

O.J Simpson was one of the suspects and the misfortunate story starts here. This star football player would not accept being arrested for the death of his ex-wife. They tested the blood, footprints and things they found in and around the dead body of Nicole. The DNA matched with O.J, however, the judge and jury found him not guilty because the glove didn’t fit his hands. Nicole’s family and her friend Kris Jenner believe that O.J. Simpson is the one who killed her because she told them that he had been beating her and told her that he was going to kill her.

The investigation and trial caused a race problem between the blacks and whites. The black people said that the police officers were accusing O.J only because he is a successful black man. He didn’t do anything for the black community other than represent black success. His life was all about money, sports and dating white woman. The family of Nicole; who was white, wants a conviction for her killer. They have full evidence of DNA but that was not enough to send someone to jail. The war between these two sides became more and more divided and emotional. The whole arrest and trial was live on television and the best lawyers were hired for each side.

Instead of being arrested O.J chose chasing with police for long hours driving, and collapse in their hand. Now O.J Simpson or the family of Nicole Simpson is going to get justice.  With O.J Simpson facing the possibility of life in prison if convicted his lawyers were able to argue that there was not enough proof to convict him of the most serious charges. Finally the judge and jury decided to send him to jail for 13 years. This was shocking news for the Simpson fans and relief for Nicole’s family.

Even now after more than 20 years the police recently found a knife inside of O.J Simpson’s old house. What would happen after this? Does O.J Simpson have other secrets that we should know? Does this mysterious story end yet? Should we expect continued support and sympathy for O.J. despite having killed his wife?  The justice system in America has flaws and errors but it is usually in favor of the rights of the accused.

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