Intruder Killed by Police, Stabbed A Student in NYC Synagogue



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On December 8th inside a Brooklyn Synagogue was Levi Rosenblat, a student studying the Torah. His studying was interrupted by an intruder that allegedly stabbed in on the side of the head. There was no victims but soon after the New York police came and shot he intruder after he ran at the Police Officers with a knife. Eric Garner was pronounced dead at King’s County Hospital. Several Hours later Rosenblat was in stable condition in the hospital. Rosenblat is a student from Israel. This 49-year old that committed this crime was known by the NYPD police. Police says the attacker was known to be an emotionally disturbed man. Police Commissioner William Bratton said that his police hate crime unit is investigating. This attack isn’t necessarily for the reason of hate towards Jews, but a witness said the attacker seemed high on drugs or mentally unstable. Police will have enhanced coverage at locations to make sure this act of crime isn’t tied to anything bigger then this individual and his mental problems.

The Police did a great job neutralizing this situation. I think this crime happened because of Eric’s mental health and not a bigger scheme of hate towards Jews. He obviously wasn’t thinking clearly, which is shown even more when the Police told him not to pick up his weapon. Knowing the Police would shoot him if not complying, he still picked up the knife and ran at the cops with it, which gave the cops no choice. I think it is incredible how after getting stabbed in the side of the head Levi, a student from Israel still lived. This shows that god works in mysterious ways, because after all he was stabbed in a Synagogue and right after Police killed the man who attacked Levi. It would be smart for the Police to do more investigating though to make sure that this crime wasn’t because of hate towards Jews because if it is, it could be tied to something more complicated then this individual and his mental instability. These acts of crime are outright unhuman and there is more killings like this going on in the world this day and age. We need to make peace with everyone. I’m a big believer in everyone being at peace, there would be a lot more happiness and success in this world.