Invest in Human Rights Not Division


Trump uses veto power to deny the will of the American people in favor of a minority narrative of fear and supremacy..

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President Trump seemed to claim a victory when he announced announced that the government would reopen for three weeks and all the workers that were out of work will be able to get their back pay as soon as a possible. Did President Trump reopen the government just so that he could give his state of the union speech?  In early March he used his first Veto power as President to ignore what the majority of Americans want by overriding a joint resolution by US Congress that said Trump’s border wall funding should not be appropriated as a “national emergency”.

Instead of building the wall I think we should use that money towards human rights and the border patrol. Making sure that everyone’s well-being is okay before they are processed in to a cell with the border patrol. Because of the cruelty that happens to these immigrants while being in the possession of the border patrol.  The President has been using the Mexican border issue since the 2018 election.

Nobody wants another government shutdown because everybody loses.  President Trump declared a national emergency but many are saying this is unconstitutional.

How does this increase the divide in the Republican party?

What can you find in the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights that speaks about the right of migrants?


Which of the UN Global Goals speak most directly to helping issues at the US and Mexican border?