Is College Worth It?


Sea Dragon

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In the United States, the total amount of student loan debt is around 1.4 trillion. During this fall as students are deciding which universities they wish to apply to and what to major in, families are wondering if the high cost of college and getting a degree is worth it.

It depends on what the student wishes to study and major in at college. Today, many jobs require a college degree. If you want to be a lawyer, engineer, mathematician, or scientist — it is mandatory for you to get a degree.

Some other jobs do not require four-year degrees. It is possible to earn an associate’s degree and make money with that. You can obtain jobs like being a dental assistant, air traffic controller, a radiation therapist, or a web developer. Getting an associate’s degree rather than a bachelor’s can also help you save money.

If you have a bachelor’s or graduate degree, you will most likely earn more money than one with an associate’s degree or simply a high school diploma. College graduates earn $1 million more than high school graduates over their lifetime.

Whether it’s the learning experience of studying new topics, the social experience or travel experience, college is more than just a professional education. It’s a chance to find who you really are as a person and experience it with others.

So if your dream job requires you to earn a college degree, then it’s a must that you go to college. If you have financial issues with the big expense of college, perhaps look into scholarships and create a FAFSA account (free application for federal student aid).

If you’re stuck on what to do after graduating high school and don’t know what occupation you’d like to have in the future, perhaps take a gap year and study abroad, do community service, or get a little job. Eventually, you’ll come to find something that really speaks to you, and maybe that will help you to figure out what types of dreams and aspirations you have in your future.