Is Happiness Related To The Solar Eclipse?


This photo of eclipse totality was taken by Jeff Jones in South Carolina. Notice the star in the upper left.

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Many people report that they feel a boost of happiness and well-being after seeing the solar eclipse.

According to Psychology Today, it’s actually referred to an appreciation of beauty. When you’re surrounded in nature, you feel the emotion of awe. When you observe an artistic achievement, you feel the emotion of admiration. And when you see others expressing goodness, you feel a sense of elevation.

When people looked up to the sky to view the solar eclipse on August 21st, they felt a sense of awe and wonderment — something larger than themselves. We may feel a bit overwhelmed because of the beauty of nature. Not only can nature boost happiness, but it can even decrease depression.

A study by Rene Proyer took 100 adults into groups that tracked the beauty of nature. These groups claimed to have less depression over the week and a boost in happiness for a month. The effects diminished after that.

If you feel happier after seeing the solar eclipse, perhaps it was because of the sense of awe and wonderment you felt during the event.