Is it better to be a physical or smart player?

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There are multiple factors in basketball that expresses what type of player you are. What makes dunking better then taking a mid range? If they are both automatic. Not every player has height or hops to dunk. Depends on how you want your game to be. There is usually a smart player(or skill) that has qualities to set up the physical players with causes the team to operate.

That’s why when coaches or recruiters scout they look for smart and physical players. When you find those select few they stand out. In different positions play different ways but all have they same game. Smart and physical. There is a good amount of players in this league that can shoot and dunk well. And consistently, it takes a lot of skill to be able to hit shots or dunk over most of the players.

Go to 3:20 and watch number 7.


Imagine being in the NBA and your number 24 on the Pistons. The pass goes to the corner, you look and go to contest the shot, and see and 7’1 big man…. What can you do to stop that? Most likely nothing unless he misses. Cant do anything about it. It is like looking up a tree. A long way up. What could you do if your under the rim next to him? Nothing. Your getting dunked on. Height matters especially if you are a shooting big man.

Height is one of the best things you can have in basketball. It can effect your game and many different ways. Your length and width among our factors do. Changes how you shoot and if you can get over another player or around one just depends on you. And how you use your body.

Everybody has a different game. Different skill set and moves. But it is how you play your game that matters if you are more physical or smart. That is how you determine a good player from a leader. Look at their game and recognize how they play or how that person operates on the court. What type of player is your favorite player?