Is Nuclear War Coming?

Is Nuclear War Coming?


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North Korea had been testing missiles and nukes. They started testing in January of 2017 they have tested some of the biggest missiles. Despite failures at the very first attempts on the missiles, North Korea have recent success on some of their new missiles. Should the U.S worry about it or should the world concert about this problem.

We are not exactly sure what North Korea is planning with the missiles. I believe the world should meet about it and make them stop. Technology is a big thing nowadays and we all know the impact that has in military forces. Nuclear war could be a real possibility. Can we all imagine a nuclear war, destroying our planet and destroying entire countries? Nuclear weapons are so powerful.

Here is some information about the missiles North Korea has launched and tested. The Intercontinental ballistic missile is said to have a potential range of more than 6,200 miles. A 100 kiloton H-Bomb would approximately kill around 130,000 people and all brick and concrete building within a mile will be destroy.

The United States has been on alarmed over the past months over being threatened because of Kim Jong-un’s words. President Donald Trump has said that the United States military forces are locked and loaded to fire up. North Korea’s nuclear activity is a serious problem for international peace and security.