is violence against police officers increasing?


Donkey Kong

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Four South Carolina police officers were hospitalized after being shot while responding to a domestic violence call late-Monday night on January 15th, authorities said. Officers responded to a call right outside York County. After showing up to the call the deputies ordered neighbors to stay inside and then traded gunshots with the suspect in a standoff that lasted several hours. At around 1 am, the suspect shot a York K-9 Unit officer. At 3:30, the suspect fired shots again and struck 3 sheriff deputies. The suspect, identified in a news conference as Christian Thomas McCall, 47, was taken into custody after fleeing the scene on foot. He sustained gunshot wounds during the encounter with police. Authorities did not release his condition.


Conditions of the officers are unknown but two of the deputies were airlifted to the Carolinas medical center in Charlotte. “We could really use your prayers and we could really use your thoughts right now for those officers,” York County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Trent Faris told reporters this morning. “Our main concern is for our guys that are in the hospital right now.” Hearing all these horrible things makes you wonder how people get to this point of doing harm to those around them. Police officers are doing their jobs risking their lives but not knowing the outcome of the situation is very frightening.

The violence rate towards police have risen dramatically. American society is suffering from a crisis of addiction, fear and anger.  When this social crisis is combined with easy access to guns it creates rising danger for police officers.  Some people look at police officers and are more worried and scared than safe. That is an issue because it raises crime rates and violence. I think race has something to do with this but also people just view police officers as enemies. When officers come to the scene their job is to organize and keep the scene under control. In some cases tho people do not want the police involved so it might frustrate them and they might do something they’ll regret. In general, there are a lot of problems going on with citizens and police officers but they are just doing there job so they can get a paycheck at the end of the day.