ISIS and Their Source of Power



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Did you know that ISIS is now considered to be the the richest terrorist group on earth? Due to latest research, the United States believes that ISIS has an estimate of about 400 million dollars that they manage to rob from the central bank of Iraq. Due to their many invasions in the cities, ISIS has successfully been able to rob thousands of dollars and gain many materials. You may think they obtain all the riches under their grasp but due to many wars they have lost a great amount in money and in supplies. ISIS may have a lot of money stored up but tend to waste it all due to the areas they have taken over. One must provide food and shelter for those who remain under control of the lands and therefore use a huge amount of their consumables to keep their lands under control. Sources say that one of the reasons why ISIS always tend to have hostages is because they try to negotiate the return of the hostage in exchange for a great amount of money.

ISIS has put themselves in a situation where they require thousands of dollars to be wasted every single day. “I am not sure they are really achieving anything by these very infrequent one-off attacks,” said Michael Sheehan, executive chairman of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

Many have fallen to the control of ISIS. There is a growing number of people who fall victim to terrorism through social media.  People who don’t know what they stand for or who can not govern their own lives allow others to govern their own lives in return for support and power.  This can happen in every day marketing but it can also happen with more serious consequences. Through social media ISIS persuades followers to join by trying to show the great amount of money and power they obtain. Victims become blind to their own personal authority and lose themselves to the power of terrorist influence.

The property ISIS has seized is used in unfortunate ways. Sadly, many choose to join ISIS for the sole purpose of money and power, In return they give away all their rights and liberty.  In reality the power of ISIS is just an illusion. I hope that one day soon the victims and followers of ISIS realize what a great downfall awaits them.