ISIS Manhunt!

ISIS Manhunt!


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Around November 13th 2015 Paris was attacked by the terrorist group referred to as “ISIS”. Many people were devastated by the horrible incident that occurred. I was watching videos and well I honestly don’t know how it can not impact you seeing little kids crying for their loved ones. I was watching a kid just looking at his sister dead on the floor crying saying “my sister” “no not my sister”. As I felt bad I am more than sure just about any human will  feel hurt by watching that. Most of all they claim that they are only doing it all because they want to reclaim their political and economic for the Islamic empire they want to reclaim everything from the Christian west.

Four months later they finally seem to have a lead on the prime suspects for the whole incident on Paris. Lately police have raided many suspected hide outs of people they suspect might be or even linked with ISIS. For the most part though the main operators of the whole event of Paris either died during the attack or have been killed during police raids.

I don’t really believe in killing people but these people don’t deserve the right of life.  Not even prison can be enough for what these people do. Many people are hurt because of their “practice of their religion”. Its crazy the power and influence that ISIS has.  This is evident recently because a young man from here in Alexandria, VA left the US in order to be part of ISIS and was captured and questioned if he was part of ISIS. This became more evident as the attacks this month in Brussels grabbed the world’s attention.

What do you think leads people born in free democratic countries like the USA or Belgium to want to join a global terror group like ISIS?  More importantly how can people put such value on the destruction of others that they are also willing to kill themselves in the process?  If we ever hope to stop terrorists we need to try to understand their motivations.


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