ISIS Retreats

ISIS Retreats


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Summary: Tikrit, Iraq (CNN)ISIS is gone, but the fear remains.

     As Iraqi forces, aided by Shiite militiamen, took control Wednesday April 1st of the northern city of Tikrit, they found vehicles laden with explosives and buildings that might be booby-trapped.

     Still, the liberation of Tikrit from the terrorist group, which is also known as ISIL and calls itself the Islamic State, represented a significant victory for the Iraqi government, which had tried — and failed — to retake the city many times before.

     Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived Wednesday to claim the victory, which took place a year after the city was first attacked by ISIS. Al-Abadi, who is also Iraq‘s top military commander, had announced the previous evening on Iraqiya TV that the city was under the control of Iraqi forces.

     Iraqi forces continued to clean out pockets of resistance Wednesday, said Interior Minister Mohammed al-Ghabban, who was also in the city. But he said the Iraqi government would be in full control shortly.

Although this is just a small victory if you look at the big picture this is a very big deal.WHY?

Core Democratic Values: This article has to do with Life, Liberty. and Equality.

Life: This has to do with life because all the peoples lives that will start to return to normal.

Liberty: This has to do with liberty because these people finally have their liberty back.

Equality: This has to do with equality because their equality has also been returned.

In Conclusion: This is very good news and I hope to hear more and more news like this.

Do you think the US Government should do more or less in the fight against ISIS?

Yes I think the US government should do more to fight ISIS as long as it does not put the citizens of the US in danger.  Right now we are simply protecting our citizens from danger. 

What are they doing now? The US is mainly using military airstrikes but they have have some troops in the immediate area to control and regulate the spread of ISIS so that it doesn’t extend its reach. 

Does the American government have any RESPONSIBILITY to defend worldwide threats to government instability and human rights?

 No they do not have any responsibility they are being generous by helping other countries but they are also being responsible for the safety of their own citizens worldwide.