ISIS using Videogames and Consoles to Communicate



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In 2004, the video game World of Warcraft was bought by many teenagers around the world for something fun to keep them occupied in their free time. However, recent news shows that the terrorist group known as, ISIS, has been using the video game to talk to other ISIS members around the world. When members of ISIS meet up in World of Warcraft, they create plans and chat about the next move they are going to make. They have been using this game for quite some time now.

What’s so cleaver, is that neither the government nor anyone else can locate the accounts of these members due to the fact that there are more than 5.6 million people playing this game. This isn’t the only game ISIS has taken over. ISIS has also begun communicating through the videogame console, PS4. There are several ways ISIS and other terrorists could communicate through the gaming console. PS4 users can send messages through the PlayStation Network online gaming service, use voice chatting or even communicate through a specific game such as World of Warcraft.  To learn more visit:

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