Israeli Border Patrol on Edge



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A Palestinian man identified in his early 20’s hit a cyclist and a four other border police, while driving in Jerusalem on Friday March 6, 2015. The victims were taken to the hospital and had mild injuries. Witnesses said he swerved off the road to hit his victims. After he hit the victims he tried to escape but got severely wounded and taken into custody. The main officials are treating this as if it was a terror attack.

It may be that the man himself was terrified of the border security. He may have been the victim of his own fear. It is possible that this was not an intentional act.

There needs to be more information to rule this out as a terrorist attack. They should check the guys blood to see if he was on drugs or his background to see if it matches with one of a terrorist profile. This man also could have lost control of the car and hit these officials but since he ran away it makes me wonder why. The guy was obviously scared that he hit these border police, because he ran so i don’t think this was a terrorist attack. In my opinion the accident was a mistake and the guy that hit the border police didn’t handle the situation right, by running away.