It’s hard to be a mom to your sister



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A 14-year old girl from Mundelein, Illinois was accused of killing her 11-year-old sister by stabbing her more than 30 times. The girl grabbed a kitchen knife and went to her sisters room while she slept and her mom was at work. After the deed was done she called her mother saying an intruder had broke in and killed her sister. Her mother advised her to call the police so she did. Before she made the phone calls though, the young girl took a shower to get rid of the blood on her. When the police found strands of her hair in her younger sisters hands, she confessed to stabbing her sister herself. The 14-year-old is now serving time as a juvenile for first-degree murder but that might change in the weeks ahead.

The girl claimed she felt unappreciated by her younger sister and that’s why she did this horrible act of violence. She claims she did a lot of cooking for her as well as other chores. Isn’t that the mom’s job though? The reports say their mother was a single mother and always working. That can do a lot of damage to kids of their age. For one it’s putting a lot of stress on the 14-year-old because it’s making her grow up too fast instead of enjoying her childhood. She was playing the role of a mother which is too much for a girl of her age. Girls can also feel very lonely too when there are no parents around to comfort them. I just hope this young girl regrets what she has done and that she is forgiven for this traumatic event.