James Robertson; A Story of Humble Service

James Robertson;  A Story of Humble Service


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When I first read  the James Robertson story of a 56 year old hard working citizen from Michigan, I was truly inspired.  My faith in humanity was restored.  When Robertson’s car broke down about a decade ago, he has walked 21 miles to work everyday. He made it to work with perfect attendance and always on time. His story was truly touching because it really takes dedication for someone to want to walk that amount every single day for 10 years.

Robertson gets paid $10.50 an hour; a little more then minimum wage in Detroit, but still not enough for him to afford a new car.  This situation was not going to change unless Mr. Robertson received help.  Once 19 year old Wayne University student Evan Reedy heard about Robertson’s situation; he immediately set up  a GoFundMe account.

“I bumped it up to $10,000 and within four hours we had over $10,000,” he said. “I bumped it up again and by the end of the day we had over $30,000 and now it’s up to over $50,000.”

A dealership heard about Robertson’s story and before you know it, he received a new Ford Taurus!  As of yesterday Mr. Robertson has a car to drive to work and will still get the money that was raised for him. Most of it, of course, will be going to the insurance and maintenance of his new car.

I loved reading this story; it really is incredible to see citizens help out other citizens. We need to learn to appreciate what’s given to us because there’s always someone out there that has it worse. We love to get and we never give. It can never hurt to give somebody a hand.

Thankful for people like Evan Reedy, you rock man!