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  • oceanmtnskyFeb 2, 2017 at 9:30 am

    victor4256 commenting: I like your idea because my religion is christianity and well i feel that can i have a communion with God when I’m worshiping him and it’s nice connection that can you feel although, there are many people who think that it’s not real but I believe it’s the real One and that he is in each one of us.

    there are many religions and many cultures but I think if we talk about how many people are christian in the world it is the most of any other religion. I think the reason Christianity is popular is because we can hear a lot about son of God (jesus) we know he died for us we know he es the messiah or savior and we know he is love and a lot people hear about him and people decide to follow him the son of God. Our God is a human being and he enters into our history and our culture in a personal way.

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