Jim Crow Laws


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Jim Crow laws had another major degrading impact on African-Americans because whites in the south were still trying to prevent them from gaining equal rights. These local laws were taking effect right after the end of reconstruction in 1870 throughout the next 100 years.  A prime example is the Literacy Test which was an unfair test used to keep African-Americans form voting. They didn’t have the best education which led them to not have strong grammar and spelling. The Grandfather Clause stated that if your grandfather voted, then you would be allowed to vote and of course since the grandfathers of ex-slaves didn’t vote they also wouldn’t be allowed to vote basically set up purposely to deny them the right to vote.

After slavery, Jim Crow laws was the second major negative impact on the African-Americans. Which clearly displayed how ignorant the American government and American people were of their own constitution. In my opinion if I was part of this sorrowful history I wouldn’t be discriminating against the blacks because I would think what if I was in their situation, wearing their shoes, working in very poor conditions with hard labor, I wouldn’t have liked it one bit. I would like to be treated the same way the opposite party were being treated because that should just be a natural act of kindness and respectful manners. The key to our democracy is mutual respect.

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