Jordan applies “eye for an eye” and executes two jihadists

Jordan applies eye for an eye and executes two jihadists


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The Jordanian regime executed two Iraqi jihadists, Sajida Rishawi and Ziad al Karbuli.  They were put to death by hanging in retaliation for the killing of pilot Maaz al Kassasbeh last month. The Islamic state promises to deepen its strategy of terror.

The law of retaliation , eye for an eye is imposed to counter the brutality of self-styled Islamic State. Jordan hanged yesterday morning two members of Al Qaeda, including women Sajida al Rishawi , in retaliation for the barbaric execution of a Jordanian driver, burned alive by the State Islamic Group. (Isis)  This new act of barbarism was condemned worldwide, with a particularly virulent reaction of the prestigious Egyptian Islamic institution Al Azhar, who asked “kill, crucify or amputate hands and feet” of terrorists in the Islamic State. “The blood of the martyr Maaz al Kassasbeh is not to be in vain and the response of Jordan and his army after what happened to our dear son will be severe”, said King Abdullah II  in a statement. 

The King of Jordan is taking this war very seriously.  This pilot was killed while the King was visiting at the White House.  (Write your opinion and summarize in your own words)

The Islamic State group had threatened to kill the Jordanian pilot Maaz to Kassasbeh, captured jihadists last December after his plane crashed in Syria, if Jordan did not release two jihadist prisoners from Iraq.  The kingdom of Jordan decided to execute these prisoners who were taken in 2005 in connection with deadly attacks in Amman, Jordan. They were hanged at dawn in jail Swaqa (43 miles south of Amman) said government spokesman Mohammad Momani.

King Abdullah II of Jordan shortened his visit to the United States and returned to Jordan urgently at the beginning of this month. Before embarking on his return, Abdullah,  an historical ally of the US, met in Washington with President Barack Obama.

“The president and King Abdullah reaffirmed that abominable death of this brave Jordanian strengthen the resolve of the international community to destroy the Islamic State group”, said a US spokesman.

Immediately after the release of the video of the execution of the Jordanian pilot by ISIS, authorities had promised to take revenge. Last December, Jordan resumed executions of death row, ending an eight-year moratorium.

I think an eye for an eye is still relevant today.  Some people may say that killing does not stop killing but I say that sometimes it is our duty to save the lives of many innocents by being unrelenting in taking out the lives of a guilty few.  ISIS is very guilty of violence on innocent lives and must be stopped at all costs.