Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty and American Diplomacy

Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty and American Diplomacy


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At the age of 9 in 2007 my dad decided to move to Jordan to retire and enjoy a peaceful time in a country that always seemed like an enjoyable place to live.  We would visit it almost every summer for family reunions. After moving there we had been witnesses to a few incidents of conflict between the Gaza strip of Palestine and Israel.  While I was in the Dead Sea region which is statistically the lowest point on earth I witnessed rocket debris in the air. I was thankful that I was safe because there is a treaty that is between Jordan and Israel that was mediated by the diplomacy of the United States government.




The peace treaty signed settled relations between land and water disputes as well as agreeing on broad cooperation in tourism. The treaty also states that neither grounds will be used for territorial military strikes.

To this day Jordanians still praise the king  Hussein who passed away for being able to secure peace between their borders with Israel.  Both Israel and Jordan remain close allies with the United States in the war on terrorism.  Both countries are supported with American military technology and American money.


  • US PRESIDENT Bill Clinton applauds as prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and Jordanian King Hussein shake hands after signing a peace treaty between the countries

This link provides information on the Jordan and Israel peace treaty