Judicial Bribery In El Salvador



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The Third Judgment Court of El Salvador sentenced three  judges for benefiting  legal proceedings against members of drug traffickers and gang members. According to the investigations, the judges received $85,000 in payback for unlawful  judicial help.

One of the judges specialized in sentence was sentenced to 16 years in prison. Meanwhile his colleagues were sentenced to 14 and 6 years of conviction .The case judge mentioned that the process was difficult because of the of evidences presented against the judges.  They were found to be the first specialized ex-judges convicted of corruption. ” Judges have to be impartial and work for society. We have no reason to benefit. I judge everything equally “he said in his introduction when judging the case. Like this case, there has been 12 similar cases which is unfortunate to happen in a country with very few resources to help its  people.

 I believed corruption is present somehow in any type of government. Now days corruption is winning the power of some countries that used to be strict on those cases before. Therefore, The economic stated in this country is  miserable; without opportunities for its people to improve their lives.

How many levels of court does the judicial system in the United States have? The United States have The federal judiciary that works separately from the executive and legislative branches as the Constitution requires. Federal laws are passed by Congress and signed by President, then the supreme Court interprets and evaluate the laws what should happen.  The Supreme court decides when a person has committed a crime and what  punishment should the person serve.



How many levels of court does the Judicial system in El Salvador have?  The highest court in El Salvador is The Supreme Court of El Salvador. It consists of 4 chambers, 3 courts of appeal and a constitutional court. Below them are the civil and criminal courts.



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