Just One Text Away



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There is a high percentage of teenagers with mental health issues nationwide, and most of them don’t seek help. A new strategy was created, it’s a text helpline (NYC Teen Text) for teens with problems. A pilot program at 10 New York public high schools is allowing the students to get help with mental issues by text. Chiara de Blasio is the NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter and she has been through some struggles such as depression and substance abuse; and she is trying to make a change and help teens with this program.

I think this is a great idea for teens. This generation has changed. Teens do not really talk anymore, they prefer a text. Another example of this change is that we don’t even knock on a door; we just text a friend or a family member inside the house to open the door for us if we don’t have the key. Teens and some adults as well prefer to text and it seems like we express our feelings better in a text than talking face to face. I think this NYC Teen Text will benefit many people; because they will write everything in a text and that is so much better than not talking at all.