Justin Bieber’s Body guard and driver arrested.



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One of Justin Bieber’s security guards and a driver were arrested yesterday on Tuesday. The arrest was made on suspicion of stealing a photographer’s camera in Sandy Springs, Georgia. The photographer took about 50+ pictures of Bieber. The photographer was around Justin’s entourage for about 20 minutes taking pictures of Justin. The photographer was waiting outside of a suburban Atlanta arcade Bieber was in when the guard confronted the photographer.  According to Steve Rose, a spokesman for the Sandy Springs Police Department, there was no violence used, no threats issued, and no compensation. The body guard stopped the photographer and took his camera. The photographer left and was then followed by the bodyguard and another man driving a Cadillac Escalade for a while. After the camera was taken from the photographer, he called the police. A police officer stopped the bodyguard and the driver who took the camera in a driveway close to where the camera was stolen, the officer spotted the camera that was reported stolen and took both men into custody.

The men have since been identified by Georgia police as 32-year-old Hugo Hesny, (the body guard) and 49-year-old Terrance Johnson (the driver). Both men were initially charged with felony theft of the camera, estimated to be worth $ 8-10,000. The men were later released back to watch after the child, Bieber.

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In my opinion I think that Bieber’s body guard was most likely fed up with that paparazzi.  Being a celeb isn’t easy. Your life is being scoped on a daily basis–good days, bad days, everything you do, you’re being watched. I understand where Justin’s body guard is coming from by taking the camera. I don’t think the officer should have arrested anyone.  Rather than that, have a mature conversation with the photographer and the body guards.  Then again being under a scope comes with fame as well as your life being part of the public.

By: Wimoe and Lobster