Kids living in sewers.



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When I first became aware of kids living in the sewers of Bogota, Colombia to find refuge I was dumbfounded at how these kids were living in such conditions not only that but most have no parents just their group of friends they run with to say safe. In the early 90’s kids began to fill the sewers that lie underneath the city of Bogota because of  “death squads” and the paramilitary pushed them off the streets. These death squads were mostly made up of off duty policemen and men from the military. After chasing the kids off the streets the kids took refuge in the sewers. After getting wind of the kids finding refuge in the sewers these “death squads” and paramilitary went armed in the pipes for a “social cleansing” which meant they would kill all the kids and people in the pipes and try to get rid of the street kids and men.  These kids fell into a vicious cycle of getting high and stealing. For most the kids stealing was the only way to eat and survive. They would have to consume drugs to pull off these petty crimes and to fuel these habits.


I think this is disgusting that human beings are living in such conditions with not a lot off help from their government. I understand it is hard and costly to shelter every  homeless person but I think the government can at least provide a little help whether it be soup kitchens or just cots for the night. Regular people have taken it upon themselves to help the needy. This is a duty everyone should have instilled in their mind, to help thy neighbor. I think we need to help these people get back on their feet because everyone else just gives them a cold shoulder and their own people have formed these death squads just to remove them.  Every citizen no matter whether they are rich or poor should expect basic protection of human rights from their government.