Kurdish refugees at the Turkish border earlier this year.

Roza AL

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Why  do people become immigrants?  Democratic countries stand for  opportunity and equality but these are difficult promises to keep.

Why do  people not  like Kurdistan? The Kurds have been pushed out of their homeland for years from the pressure of war in the Middle East.

All people want the same things; we want to have a nice life and we want to work hard and  have a salary .  Immigrants value education and opportunity and when they graduate they become some of the best citizens because they often work in service jobs.

Democracy in Europe and even America continues to say no to the idea of trusting  the immigrant.  This is has become true for the Kurdish people of Iraq and the refugees of the war with ISIS.

We say we stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and this must begin with how we treat immigrants.

The life of an immigrant is not easy.

When I applied to be an immigrant to the USA  I felt so sad.  It was hard knowing that I should come to the USA because my father’s life had become endangered and knowing that I would be separated from my friends  and family.I am thankful everyday for the opportunity that I have been given but I am so sad for my people and those like them.

During the 1991 Persian Gulf War, about 70,000 Iraqi refugees were admitted to the United States, most of which were Kurds and Shiiteswho had assisted or were sympathisers of the U.S –led war.[54] Nashville, Tennessee has the nation’s largest population of Kurdish people, with an estimated 8,000–11,000. There are also Kurds in Southern California, Los Angeles, and San Diego.[  


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when I am apply to be a immigrant to USA  I feel so sad because I should come to USA because my father life dangerous and also I miss my friends  and members family.

also when I came  to USA