Kurdish People in the Crossfire; The Fight to Defeat ISIS


by Kurdishstruggle Kurdish YPG Fighter

Roza AL

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Starting last week the Kurdish army with the help of some US advisers launched an attack to take back Mosul from ISIS.  In response to this attack ISIS has attacked the cities of Dibis and Kirkuk.

“They are trying to cause confusion and chaos,” Karim said. “They know they’d never be able to control anything here, and they came ready to die. Once in awhile when they get defeated, they try to show some strength somewhere. Every Iraqi city is vulnerable.”

Between 20 and 30 militants carried out the attack, according to the governor.

Islamic State forces attack Iraq’s oil-rich city of Kirkuk


ISIS calls itself Muslim but they attacked the mosque in Kirkuk. ISIS only has fear not faith.  Fear is the opposite of faith because fear destroys but faith restores and protects people in peace.  No one can use the name of faith while acting violently in fear. This has been done throughout history but it never brings victory to people.  It is sad that the fighters of ISIS have added to growing fear of Muslims around the world.




Kurdish fighters have been on the front lines of fighting ISIS
Kurdish women fight side by side with the men. They are often stronger than the men they fight with. -by Kurdishstruggle Kurdish YPG Fighter
Kurdish women fight side by side with the men. They are often stronger than the men they fight with.
-by Kurdishstruggle Kurdish YPG Fighter


Clashes between Syrian Kurds and Turkish-backed forces benefit ISIS, US warns ERBIL, Kurdistan Region

ISIS also bombed a Christian Church.  They do not care about any religion but simply want to divide those who want peace.  ISIS is taking advantage of a long history of conflict in this region and many Americans do not understand this complicated history.

Inside a Bartella church, ransacked by ISIS BARTELLA, Iraq –An Iraqi soldier posing with a cross next to a local captured the country’s imaginati . . .

A History of MOSUL in 5 maps:

In the 11 century Christians from the West and Muslims in the East were fighting for control of this region.


Mosul had its own government district in the height of the Muslim Ottoman Empire.

After World War I the French had Musul as a “protectorate” and this was seen as Western Christian imperialism.

The modern nation of Turkey sees Mosul as part of its jurisdiction.

The Kurdish people are Jewish, Christian and Muslim but they do not see themselves as Arab people.  They are are a tolerant and strong people who have been caught in the middle of fighting for centuries.

The Peshmerga Kurds are stronger than ISIS fighters in Mosul because they have united in the North, South and East fronts around the city.  Since Peshmarga is so strong in Mosul, the ISIS  forces sent fighters to the region of Kirkuk.  They are trying to divide the force of Peshmarga but they are failing.  In this fight a small amount of US soldiers are helping by giving advice but they are not out of danger.   A US soldier was killed last week North of Mosul by a roadside bomb. Even the Kurdish women west of Mosul  and in northern Syria are helping in the fight against ISIS.  This is causing problems with Turkey but it shows how the Kurdish people are the main force behind the defeat of ISIS.


The biggest challenge will be when the fighting is over.  How will democracy work in a place so divided?  This is why the Kurdish people want independence from Iraq. The Kurdish people are suffering the most and paying the highest cost as they fight the hardest to protect the dream of a peaceful democratic way of life. Read more about the Kurdish independence movement here.