L.A. Schools Closed with Threat



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On December 15th schools were closed in Los Angeles due to an electronic threat to the Los Angeles school district.


The superintendent of the schools says that the threat was toward the children in the school, not on the school bus’s. He also said that the message referred to backpacks and other packages. The FBI doesn’t know who made the threat yet but they determined that it wasn’t credible. Authorities said they believe it was a Hoax or something designed to disrupt school districts in large cities. 650,000 classes were canceled for students, more than 2,700 officers were involved in walk troughs in more than 1,500 school cites checking for explosive weapons. The Los Angeles school board president announced that they believe that schools were safe enough to open on December 16th.

A similar threat that was sent to Los Angles was also sent to schools in New York, but those schools didn’t close. Most everybody supported the school board and there choice to close schools, the Mayor of Los Angles said ” It wasn’t my decision to make but my decision to support”.

Due to everything that has been going on like the attacks on Paris, and San Bernardino they took the threats very seriously. Its pretty normal for schools to get threats like these but so much has been going it made the school board nervous. After a long search through schools now the schools are safe and opening back up!


Who is responsible for threat assessment in our school district? CLICK HERE to find out more.