Lars and The Real Girl

Lars and The Real Girl


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Lars and The Real Girl is a story of the process of a man Lars actually becoming a man by engaging with the community socially. He learned to have actual relationships with people instead of hiding away and avoiding people. The film was very touching because this was all done by the help of Lars’ community. They all loved him so much they did everything they could to make him be a part of everything. They even pretend a rubber sex doll was alive and Lars’ girlfriend named Bianca.

The day Lars got Bianca in the mail there was this excitement, a glow on his face you never saw before. Karin Lars’ sister in law, called Lars while he was at work and informed him a large package had arrived for him.  Ever since that moment it was like life finally entered into Lars. As soon as Lars got home he opened the package and went to the main part of the house to be with his brother and his brother’s wife Karin. They didn’t quite know the reason but they were thrilled Lars was around them and they didn’t have to force him. They were all eating dinner and Lars informed them he has a girlfriend coming into town and she needs a place to stay and if she could stay in the house with them. Lars’ brother and Karin were ecstatic about Lars having a girlfriend.

Lars began explaining all her needs and things began to seem strange. Her name was Bianca and she couldn’t speak any English or walk. At dinner that night Bianca was at the table and Lars had another favor to ask. He told Karin that at the airport someone stole all Bianca’s things including her wheelchair and, if she could wear Karin’s clothes and, if they could supply Bianca with a wheel chair. Lars’ brother immediately called his wife into the kitchen. He was freaking out its obvious Bianca isn’t real she’s a doll. This makes Lars look a little nuts. He’s just, really concerned about his baby brother. So they see if they can convince him to take Bianca to the doctor, but, the appointment really is for Lars. The doctor spoke with Lars and his family. Then alone with his family, she told them to go along with Bianca being a real girl. They said she’ll have sessions with Lars on the regular and tell him there for Bianca.

Lars continued taking Bianca to her treatment and since Bianca had to rest after each one Lars always had time to talk to the doctor. These sessions made Lars figure a lot about himself and what he wants out of life. It also helped him achieve what he wanted. Doctor Dagmar was good at her job and discovered a lot about Lars. The whole town got involved with going along with Lars and his girlfriend. They got Bianca jobs and included her in activities, and, after a while, Bianca had barely any time for Lars. Lars had to check a schedule to spend time with her. Lars was furious, all this time away from his own girlfriend.  Even his coworker had stopped paying attention to Lars. Everyday always trying to get Lars’ attention but today she had a guy giving her attention her new boyfriend. Lars always watched them and if you saw his face you could tell that he did not like it.

A few weeks later Margo was upset because the guy in the cubicle next to Lars had messed with Margo’s teddy bear on her desk. Margo went into the coffee room and started to cry. Lars went in to comfort her, which is very strange because in the beginning of the film Lars was very antisocial. He avoided people even when they were right there talking to him. It was a big step for to go out and make a social interaction, especially one as intimate as making someone feel better while crying. He actually even succeeded in making Margo feel better. He even asked her on a date. Lars had to make a lot of social interactions because of Bianca, if it was explaining her because he felt the need or even answering question people have, when they see a guy pushing around a rubber sex doll in a wheel chair. So without Lars even realizing Bianca helped him get over his social anxiety. Bianca died but she’s not real so Lars let her go because he no longer needed her. He could handle the world on his own finally.