Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl


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Lars and the Real Girl is a movie about a guy who falls in love with a sex doll (Bianca) he finds on the internet. He doesn’t want to have sex with her; he just wants to have a good relationship with her. His brother thought he was crazy, but after a while everyone in the town started to get along with his obsession with Bianca. The whole town started doing things for her and him. One night he went and had fun bowling with Margo and friends. He didn’t like when anybody touched him, but that night he took a big step in life by touching her hand. After a couple of days, Bianca got sick and they took her to the hospital and the doctor said that she was dying. Bianca died and everyone in town was really sad, but Lars at the end he didn’t seem that sad. He looks happy that now he could have a relationship with Margo. This movie shows how you can help yourself with your own problems and also with the help of other people who just want the best for you.


In Lars’s life, Bianca was a very important person because with her by his side, he learned to get along with more people. Lars wanted to help himself when he bought the “sex doll” because he felt lonely that he did not have any of his parents by his side. He felt that someone was by his side when he was with Bianca and he knew that she wasn’t ever going to leave him alone. Bianca was like an imaginary friend that Lars had and he knew that she would be able to help him that is why he bought her. Bianca also helped him with the help of Dagmar, the doctor. When you don’t have something real you find something that looks almost real and that is what Lars did, he replaced his parents with Bianca.


I think that the town reacts the way it does because they wanted to help Lars. They knew that by accepting Bianca in all of their lives, they would be helping him a lot. Everyone feels comfortable by doing the things they do for Bianca and Lars. The way the community was made in this movie says a lot of things about it. For example, it says that there are a lot of people around you that only want the best for you. This could be a real community, but if it is then it is probably on the south where there are less people. In the south the towns are much smaller and the people know almost everybody there unlike in big cities like there are around here. I think that the movie was done really well specially for making the community a big part of it. For me, there is nothing that could have been done better.


One of the parts of the film that I am not sure how to interpret is the one where Bianca wakes up sick and Lars says she is dying. If he didn’t want Bianca anymore, he could have just taken her somewhere during the night and tell his family that she disappeared. He could have also told his family that he didn’t love her anymore. Another scene it is hard for me to interpret is when she dies in the lake. I wonder if he had it planned on killing her when they were there or maybe he just thought of it when they got there. I also wonder why he didn’t just say that she had died during the night instead of killing her.


Lars and the Real Girl is a movie which has a lot to tell about how to treat people with delusions. Some people who lost someone tend to find someone or something else to occupy their place because they don’t want to feel alone. Bianca was the “new person” that Lars used to help him forget about his parents and maybe not occupy their place, but to make him feel better. The community was also a great way of helping Lars with his problems by accepting him with his delusion. Some parts of the movie were kind of hard for me to interpret, but I think the movie was really nice. I think that we all, as a community should accept anyone who has a problems like the one Lars had or any other type of problems.