Laundry Love 2 Go; Community Action & Global Citizenship

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As a student who works night shifts and goes to class by day its hard to find the time for clean clothes. School counselors are doing more than just helping students with classes, they become aware of the challenges some students like me face and they find ways to help.  My counselor introduced me to Laundry Love 2 Go in October and it has made a big difference in my life.

As a matter of fact, as  a high school student some of us know that doing our laundry falls far down on our list of the things that we are supposed to do.  It takes a lot of time and through this program I have saved a lot of time and effort.  I believe that it will help a lot for others to know. I thank my counselor who added me to this program I really appreciate him because laundry love 2 go did not only help me with laundry but also financially.  Doing laundry on your own costs money.  I am so grateful this program changed my  life for the better.  Keep up the good work.  I encourage all involved to establish and move this program forward to other various schools out there.  Since I have had more time to focus on my work and my school and I feel much better coming to school in the morning with clean clothes this program has contributed to my success and well being.  When I am thankful for what others are doing for me then I am more optimistic and motivated in my work.

As citizens we are part of a commonwealth; this means we are better together.  Our wealth increases when we share our time and talent with one another.  I am more encouraged to give to others in any way that I can because others have given to me.  The community becomes better when we see our wealth in helping one another instead of competing or struggling by ourselves.  When one man is helped he is able to help so many others in his day with a more positive attitude.

When we focus on actions for the good of others and do what we can to help solve problems in people’s lives we bring joy to the world.  This is what it means to be a global citizen.  We need to see each other as members of the human family.  We can connect to the world today even as we still live and solve problems locally.  Our local problems are human problems and our local solutions can be global solutions.

“The world’s future today depends on global citizens….when you make global citizenship your mission you find yourself with some incredible allies”. 

Hugh Evans started a movement that mobilizes “global citizens,” people who self-identify first and foremost not as members of a state, nation or tribe but as members of the human race. In this uplifting and personal talk, learn more about how this new understanding of our place in the world is galvanizing people to take action in the fights against extreme poverty, climate change, gender inequality and more. “These are ultimately global issues,” Evans says, “and they can ultimately only be solved by global citizens demanding global solutions from their leaders.”


The links below will explain more about the community program called LAUNDRY LOVE.  This program is an example of what one small group can do to make a big difference.