Laws about abortion in El Salvador and USA

Laws about abortion in El Salvador and USA


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El Salvador has adopted a new law that if the women abort they could get arrested and they will be 50 years in jail for making an abortion because abortion is seen as murder. There are a lot of women who are scared because of this law and even the doctors who work doing these abortions are scared.  They will not have work because women will be scared to go do an abortion but they would also be in danger of being arrested.

I  agree with this law because the babies don’t have the fault of what the adults do. If you don’t want to go to jail, you should be careful and if you are going to have sex with your partner you should protect  yourself so you don’t do a sin and avoid jail.  For women who get pregnant and do not want to keep their babies they should have them and give them away for adoption. There are a lot of people that wish to have a baby and because of health problems they are unable to have children. Those women who can not keep their baby should give them  away to a loving family who will care for the baby.

Abortion is bad for women because if they make an abortion and something goes wrong they could die or maybe they will stay sterile and they will not be able to have children in the future if they want. I think that abortion is the most horrible thing that exists in this world because of the way they destroy the baby like if he was a piece of tissue or cancer that won’t feel the pain.

The government of El Salvador is influenced by the teachings of Christianity but in the United States more value is placed on the choice and privacy of the mother to have an abortion.  Below is a link that shows how Abortion is viewed in the United States.