Legal Marijuana Market in Uruguay


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Uruguay has recently published regulations for a new legal marijuana market, approved by the law makers there in December. This will make Uruguay the first country in the world to have a system that regulates the legal production, sale, and consumption of the drug. The law says that people can grow up to six plants at home, have up to 40 grams a month, and produce a maximum of 480 grams per year, according to the published rules. Cannabis clubs that contain 15-45 members will be legal.

The Uruguay Government has an agency whose goal is to regulate the market. It is known as the Institution for Regulation and Control of Cannabis. The proposed price starts at 20 uruguayan pesos (roughly 87 cents  in U.S. dollars). The government will control the market all the way through. The government will be selling Marijuana at a cheaper price to try to spoil the drug market and take the market from gangs who use the money for no good.

World cannabis laws
World cannabis laws (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think Uruguay will do well with these new regulations. I feel Uruguay can be a model for other countries’ future plans on the legality of Marijuana. If Uruguay can show that they can comply with these laws and regulations then I feel many other countries will take it into consideration and take the next step in legalizing cannabis for recreational use and not just medicinal. I think other countries should pay very close attention and study this new legal market so we can make better evaluations. I’m very excited to see what comes of this new market and how it will work out.

English: Orthographic projection of Uruguay.
English: Orthographic projection of Uruguay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)