Legalization Limbo and Organized Crime



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On March 2nd Federal Police intercepted 15 tons of marijuana from Mexico.  It’s the second largest weed bust in history. The shipment was labeled “mattresses and cushions” and seemed suspicious to the cops,so they checked it and found 31,598 pounds and had a street value of 18.96 million dollars. An interesting fact is that the biggest pot bust was in 2013 in Southern California from Mexico, and it was 17.6 tons.

Will these type of Mexican pot busts decrease or increase with the legalization of pot smoking in some states but not others?

Weed is viewed differently by so many people. I am proud that the Federal Police found this, only because it is drug trafficking and smuggling. They did justice, but how can the Police keep this from happening more times? This is a very hard question to answer, but the only way I see it stopping is if the bigger items get searched when crossing borders. It will take more effort but in the long run take out the drug traffickers who often use the funds to commit other illegal acts.

Washington D.C just legalized recreational marijuana and there’s a lot of controversy between Congress and the City government over this issue. I don’t agree that US citizens should get in trouble with weed in US borders, because it is an organic plant. It is also a medicine that relieves stress and helps cancer. Do you see alcohol having any medical properties? In fact alcohol has zero positive benefits.

The government is following through with their duties and that’s good, because responsibility is number one but if the Prohibition era of alcohol brought organized crime then the prohibition of pot can do the same.  What if it was all legalized and regulated?  Would law enforcement resources be used more effectively?