Legend, the Book



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Legend_Marie_Lu_Book_coverLegend by Marie Lu, is a book about two characters, one named Day and one named June. It’s set in Los Angeles sometime in the future. This is about a dystopian society. The Government is corrupt, and there is a test they force all citizens to take at a young age to determine your social class. Scoring high on the test will land you a great military job. Scoring low on the test will force you into poverty.

Day is a fugitive who’s on the run from the Republic. All he cares about is his family. When he hears about someone in his family being sick, he does whatever is necessary to help. Day has never intended to harm. He always chose the humane way of getting what he wanted. He’s never killed anyone, and has only ever damaged property instead of people. June is a supposed super soldier. She is the best in her class, a year ahead of everyone. Once she learns about the murder of her brother, she seeks revenge on whoever is responsible. She uses her expert detective skills to track down the culprit.

This is a great book, I loved it. I really enjoy how the story alternates between the two characters through every other chapter. I really like the approach of how these characters from completely different worlds collide in the weirdest way possible. June and Day are very different in how their families are from different social classes.