Lesson from Legalization



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Drugs cause a lot of problems in the united states. I say ban every dangerous drug there is. Marajuana should be banned too. If you look at the crime rate of Colorado, it has increased since they’ve legalized it. In the year 2012, the crime rate was less then 900 crimes. In 2014, It has gone up to 1,050 crimes that year. Its the same situation for Seattle, Washington. In 2012 the total amount of crimes committed was about 36,000. In 2014 it went up to almost 45,000 total crimes. Those numbers significantly increased. I can understand the drug itself may not be addictive or dangerous to people, however the drug itself causes people to commit crimes.

When it comes to drug enforcement in the United States federalism is at work.  This means that different levels of local, state and national government are required to cooperate with each other in the enforcement.  What happens when local or state governments have different laws on a drug such as pot?  This is currently the case today.

The inauguration will be held January 20, 2017. Trump will speak at the white house prior to his victory as President of the united states. It has come to my attention that they will be handing out joints of Marijuana during his speech as a petition to legalize the plant. Sources say they are unlikely to be arrested. I’m aware that you are allowed to carry a small amount of Marajuana in DC, so that explains why they are unlikely to get arrested. I think the petition is useless. It’s not going change anything about marijuana. I just feel like they’re not getting a message through.

Mental health is at risk when smoking pot. Most depression cases are linked to pot smoking. People who smoke pot are more likely to be depressed then those who don’t. Lung health is also at risk when pot smoking. Pot smoke has a higher level of carcinogens then tobacco smoke.