Life, Liberty and Responsibility in the Wake of Teen Suicide.



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An eighth grade student gone missing, now found dead near his Pennsylvania home on Sunday. The county medical examiner said he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Cayman Naib disappeared on Wednesday, after leaving his home in Newtown Township. K-9 unit located his body about 150 miles from his home. Naib was covered with snow in a sleep position. Delaware County Medical Examiner’s Office, determined that is was a suicide. The gun was taken from his home to be use to cause suicide. Cayman’s suicide happen Wednesday evening, where several hours after he received an upsetting email from his school.



In my opinion its not the school’s fault that Naib committed suicide, no one knew that he was going to kill himself. Yes, I feel bad for the kid, he’s too young to die, he had so many years ahead of him to fix his work and continue his life and go to high school then off to college and after all that start a career to make good money, start a family, and be happy. The schools need more counselors to help kids who are in need of help and try to avoid incidents like this.

I have never gotten to a point where I wanted to commit suicide. I know the Lord will guide me through rough times and will help me pick my self up and guide me through the right path. I believe in him and I’m not going to stop. I’m going to keep praying no matter what. That’s my way to get through rough times. Life and liberty are gifts from our Creator and I believe we have a sacred responsibility to protect these gifts in ourselves and one another.