Live, Love, and Vote

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How can we bring peace in a broken society?  What would a mother do when her child is sick?  Society begins with families and with that in mind our decisions and public actions are an extension of the American family. Too many are saying that our American society is divided and sick.

What does the love of a mother or father teach us about leadership and about justice?  What makes you a better person if you don’t get to see and give kindness and love in  the other?

In a world of problems, we are born as the hope for society’s next solution.  The purpose of our social structures from the family to the church to the government to the school is find ways to cure our greed and selfishness. This requires cooperation and teamwork.


A mother sacrifices her own freedoms and desires to bring safety and health to her child.  A great parent is the model for great citizenship and leadership.

Imagine if your government official could act as a great parent or pastor or teacher.  Imagine if politicians became team players for the good of all citizens.  Imagine if they led with hope instead of fear.  Solutions to existing problems bring hope but naming the problems and blaming others only brings more fear and division.


The use of the latest news of cruelty as a base on the audience is only pictures the hate. Promoting someone’s pain and lost makes our families suffer every time they see the ads used of hope for weakness.

Stand gold and  move forward. Stop living in the past, do and fulfill your skills to not stay behind. Open your mind to a better future, a purpose, a better way of living, together we can built a world to a better place for the new comers and fix what the greedy for authority wants you to become.


Lets act with kindness and love, lets teach our communities that the solution to our decisions. We need to speak our minds, stay fearless, maintain self-control and think of your future Children, Grand-kids, and their kids. We are 1 and we stand together.

Here is two of the candidates that can make us great, healthy, and better human beings. Choose wisely and think of the future of all the children, elders, veterans, and the amazing workers, bus drives, teachers, lawyers, specially for those that die in the hands of society’s secure forces. We need a man of kindness not a man with act of evils.