London Jewel Heist



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Newly released security footage shows how a gang of thieves made off with a major haul of jewels this past Easter weekend. The group stole jewelry from the vaults of the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company building in London`s jewelry quarter. Authorities are having trouble determining the value of the jewelry stolen, but they estimate anywhere from $100 million to $150 million worth.

British newspaper, The Daily Mirror, uses pet names to identify six of the thieves shown in the video as Mr. Ginger, the Gent, Mr. Strong, Mr. Montana, the Tall Man, and the Old Man. Over the course of four days the team can be seen hauling all sorts of gear used in the robbery. This gear includes a monkey wrench, bolt cutters, duffel bags, plastic bins, and even a getaway vehicle.

Police say the group descended an elevator shaft before using a diamond tipped drill to cut through the reinforced concrete in order to access the vault, the group then raided dozens of safety deposit boxes inside the vault. Police are being questioned because they did not respond to the first alarm and they are now under investigation to find out why.

This event relates to the values of authority and property. If the police were in on the heist then the public would be very mad and wonder why their property was stolen. Authority is being question when the fact came out to the public that the police did not respond to the alarm or even try to stop the robbery until it was too late.