Looking for a Job?

Looking for a Job?


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Looking for a job involves more than walking into the Mountain Career Center stating “I need a job!” Finding work takes work! Here are 5 EASY steps to get you started:

LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION!  Consider your transportation options; How will get there when it is cold, raining or dark? If work is not easily accessible it will show in your attendance.

Make a Plan! List every possible place you might want to work, then narrow your large list of job possibilities to your top ten.

Dress professionally! Even if you’re just stopping by to pick up an application, it’s important to make a good first impression. The person you approach could be the owner or manger of the business. Your clothing should be clean and free of stains, rips, or tears.

Apply in person! Ask to speak to the hiring manager, Make eye contact, smile, and greet the manager with a confident handshake as you introduce yourself.  Even if you applied online let the manager know you applied online and are following up. Continue to follow up periodically to check the status of the hiring process.

Don’t give up! Persistence pays off when it comes to job hunting. If you haven’t found a job within the first month using your initial list, make a new one.

Helpful Hints for your interview:

  • Research the businesses you are applying too
  • Research popular interview questions and answers
  • Practice interviewing
  • Have a resume

 Here are a few resources to aid with interview questions:




Check out the Mountain View Career Center Blackboard Site for job leads and more resources to help you!